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Donald Steward Team v Northants at Kessingland BC, June 21st 2023

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Silver Jubilee Vase Team v Northants at Sole Bay BC, June 21st 2023

Both SCWBA Teams Off to Skegness

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With the Silver Jubilee Vase team already through to the National Finals in Skegness representing the Southern Section, it was an anxious wait for the 19th July when the Donald Steward Team was to play their final match. Happily, a 16 points to 2 win against North Cambs confirmed that our Donald Steward Team is also going to Skegness, with a total points supremacy over Norfolk of 74 to 62. Our Silver Jubilee Vase team won their section with 46 points, ahead of Hunts on 33. Well done everyone!

Both Skegness finals are to be played on Saturday August 19th. Suffolk’s Donald Steward Team will play Humberside at 3pm, while the Silver Jubilee Vase ladies will be against Lincolnshire at 11:45am. Let’s hope for more success.

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Ellen Matthews Competition 2023

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The Ellen Matthews competition games are to be played on Saturday July 29th at Wenhaston Bowls Club. Areas B and D will be playing each other in the final starting at 2pm and Areas A and C will be playing each other in the 3rd and 4th place play off starting at 10am.

Wenhaston will provide refreshments, including bacon rolls and some cakes, for us to purchase throughout the day. There will be a raffle in the morning and another in the afternoon. Participants are asked to donate raffle prizes to raise a bit of money for the Presidents’ fund.

Dress is greys and white shirt or club shirt, as page 67 in this year’s County Handbook. Rink fee is £3 per player.

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SCBA Benevolent Fund Benefits From £450 Donation

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At the SCWBA semi-finals on 8th July, we had a break in the proceedings to meet representatives of the Blythburgh Carpet Bowls Club. Unfortunately, the club has been forced to close due to dwindling support and the organisers have generously divided the remaining funds equally between Cancer Research UK and the SCBA Benevolent Fund. Margaret Thorpe, on behalf of the SCBA, was presented with a cheque for £451.64, which will be used to assist bowlers in financial distress. Margaret is keen to spread the word about the fund amongst our lady bowlers and can be contacted for further information at any time. Alternatively, an application form can be obtained from your Area Secretary.

A full report on the SCWBA finals held on 8th -9th July, held at Wenhaston Bowls Club in memory of Mel Dyer, will follow in due course. Results of the finals can be found in the Competitions section.

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An important request from your Committee

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Please read the document here.

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Ladies Singles. Conclusion of a `lovely game`

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Ladies Pairs round 2. Jan Truin and Margaret Thorpe

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Ladies Pairs Semi-Final. Close head.

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Ladies Rinks round 2 final end.

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Rinks Final. President Jenny Ronchetti and President Elect Pauline Black congratulate Janice Brackenbury

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Mixed Pairs Round 1. David Lyas, Suffolk Men’s President congratulates Sandi Steed and Martin Rumball

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Mixed Pairs round 2. Last end - Sandi’s shot is joined by Martin’s two bowls.

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Senior Ladies Singles. Jan Truin surveys the head in the final end

EBF National Indoor Championships 2023, April 24th-29th.

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With the unwelcome closure of the Newark Indoor Bowls Centre earlier this year, the National Finals relocated to Lincoln & District IBC, where officials, competitors and supporters all enjoyed a friendly welcome and well-organised competition. Our Suffolk lady bowlers achieved some success, with a final and two semi-finals played, but no national titles won.

Ladies Singles:

Sue Bryenton-Rochard was drawn against Ann Lennie from Northumberland, an old adversary. In a match Sue described later as a “lovely game”, she fought hard, but could not keep up with her opponent. In the final end Sue bowled two close woods, one of then rattling the wood holding game, but neither could change the result of the match, which Sue lost by 11 shots to 21.

Senior Ladies Singles:

In her first-round match, Jan Truin found difficulty settling into the game, against a North Essex opponent very experienced at this level. She was 19-2 behind after eleven ends, then scored two shots in the next end. On the final end Jan fired with her last wood, but was unable to clear the two shots needed by her opponent to win.

Ladies Pairs:

With a bye from the first round Margaret Thorpe and Jan Truin did not play until Thursday. Their second-round match against North Cambs proved a well-played encounter. Jan recovered from her earlier disappointment in the Ladies Senior Singles to play steadily with Margaret to build an early lead, 7 – 1 by the 6th end. By the 9th end N. Cambs had only scored 2 shots against Suffolk’s 11 and, although North Cambs rallied later in the game, it was all over by the 17th end. Suffolk progressed to the semi-final with a 19-8 win.

The Suffolk Ladies were up against the Durham pair in the semi-final, which was played later the same day. The early ends were a struggle, with Margaret and Jan 3-10 down by the 7th end. A change of position saw Jan as lead draw in close to the jack and Suffolk scored a 1. In the 9th end Jan drew two woods close into the head, but was bettered by the Durham skip to go one down. However, pressure from Suffolk produced a three in the 10th end to bring them within three points of Durham. A further shot in the 11th end, which brought Suffolk to 9-11, prompted Durham to change places. The immediate result was a three to Durham in a closely-contested end. Despite scoring one shot in the 13th end, spirited resistance from Jan and Margaret did not yield results and the Durham ladies steadily pulled away. The match concluded 10-23 at 18 ends and Durham went forward to ultimately win the Championship.

Ladies Rinks:

Our Ladies Triple received a bye into the second round, where they met North Cambs. After losing four shots in the first two ends, Amy Finch, Pauline Wright and Janice Brackenbury scored 8 shots in the next two. The match progressed well for Suffolk, reaching 13-6 at 9 ends and 19-10 at 14 ends, but dropping four shots in the 15th end gave North Cambs some hope. However, North Cambs were unable to score again, losing to the stronger team by 25-14 at 20 ends.

The semi-final was played against Humberside. This closely-fought match went well initially for the Humberside ladies who were 18-11 in the lead at 15 ends. In the 16th end Humberside were holding, but a skilful drive by skip Janice took out the shot wood and Suffolk gained 2 shots. By the 18th end, with the score 21-13 against, Suffolk were in a difficult position, but not down. Two shots in the 19th end were followed by three in the 20th end, keeping hopes alive. In the 21st end Suffolk played strongly to gain the three needed for an extra end. As the match concluded Suffolk were holding two shots when the Humberside skip fired and missed with her second wood, ensuring a place in the final by 23 shots to 21 for Amy, Pauline and Janice.

Sadly, the final against Hunts was not to go Suffolk’s way from the start. Already 6-2 down, our ladies were holding a three in the seventh end, which was converted to one against by the Hunts skip and then a loss of three shots in the 8th end left Suffolk 10-2 down. In the next end Janice played an excellent second wood to claim one shot, but our team went down three shots in each of the next two ends so that Hunts were ahead 16-3 by the 11th end. The Suffolk ladies continued to fight against their strong opponents, but could not reverse the trend and the match concluded in the 16th end with a 23-7 win for Hunts.

Mixed Pairs:

The Suffolk pairing, Sandi Steed and Martin Rumball, got off to an excellent start in their first-round match against Northumberland and were 7-0 up by the third end. Continued pressure saw them at 12-3 by end 7, but their opponents started to get into the game and the score stood at 14-9 to Suffolk at the 15th end. A dropped three then allowed Northumberland to close in, but Suffolk took one shot in the 17th end. The 18th was a nil score after Suffolk took the jack into the ditch, but couldn’t stay with it, leaving Suffolk 15-12 in the lead. Sandi Steed played strongly in the concluding ends, with her shot wood staying in place in the 20th end to secure a win 17-12.

In the second round Suffolk were up against Northants. As previously, Sandi and Martin started well, finding themselves 5-0 up after two ends. However, Northants came back at them with a series of 1’s and the match developed into a close and skilful encounter, with the score 7-6 in favour of Suffolk at the seventh end. Tight ends followed with mostly single shots scored and the lead regularly changed hands. In the 16th end two shots gave Suffolk a three-shot margin (14-11), but four shots were lost in the next two ends. One shot to Suffolk brought them level again in the 19th end, at 15-15, but Northants played a strong 20th end, claiming two shots, with a third ruled out by a measure. In a tense final end, Sandi was holding one shot at the changeover, leaving Martin to aim for two further shots to win. He played his two bowls close to the jack and the Northants skip was unable to change the head, resulting in a 18-17 progression to the semi-final for Suffolk.

The semi-final against Lincolnshire proved a difficult match for Sandi Steed and Martin Rumball, especially as there was very strong local support. The Suffolk pair made a good start and were ahead for the first half of the match. However, the Lincolnshire Lead improved steadily and contributed significantly to their fight-back which took them to a 3 shot lead (13-16) by the 17th end. A further shot was dropped by Suffolk in the 18th and the 19th was a non-scoring end, leaving an uphill task to catch up in the final two ends. Ultimately, the Lincolnshire pair proved too strong and won 21-15.

Mixed Rinks:

The Suffolk triple, Mark Euston, Amy Rowe and Joe Sims were unable to progress beyond the first round, losing to Durham 21-10.

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Mixed Pairs Semi-Final. Sandi Steed and Martin Rumball

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SCBA officials with (l to R), President Jenny Ronchetti, Veronica Southey and Linda Nunn

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Jan and Margaret approach the head.

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Margaret and Jan inspect the head with Marker Jenny Ronchetti

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Nigel Roberts, Lesley Dyer, Paula Gooch and Jason Finch

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Ladies Pairs. Skips Margaret Thorpe and Pauline Black

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Amy Rowe, Joe Sims, Martin Rumball and Lesley Alexander. Final end.

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Ladies Pairs. Sue Saunders and Jan Truin

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Ladies Singles. A close decision

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President Jenny Ronchetti presents the Ladies Singles Trophy

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Ladies Singles Champion: Sue Bryenton-Rochard

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Competitive head in the Ladies Triples

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Mixed Triples Final: Lesley Dyer, Amy Rowe, Mark Euston and Nigel Roberts

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Mixed Triples Final: Peter Hurren and Joe Sims. They don’t listen, you know!

Suffolk County Women’s Bowls Association Indoor Finals, 4th – 5th March 2023 at Ipswich & District Bowls Club

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This finals weekend, the first held jointly with the SCBA, proved a great success. The SCBA played their semi-finals on Saturday, with finals on Sunday, while the ladies played their finals divided over the two days. The integrated programme worked very well and special thanks are due to Veronica Southey and Kipp Crabbe for their excellent organisation. The SCWBA is also grateful to Ipswich & District Bowls Club, the sponsors of the individual competitions and all umpires and markers.

Saturday 4th March

Ladies 4 Bowl Senior Singles Final: Margaret Thorpe v Jan Truin

Jan was first into her game, but a four scored by Margaret in the 4th end took her ahead 6-5. The next end saw Jan regain the lead with two shots and her continued pressure placed her 8 shots ahead by the 11th end, 15-7. A very close call in the fifteenth end went to Margaret and she continued to come back at Jan, scoring one shot in the following end and a further three, so that by end 17 the score was tighter at 17-13 to Jan. Although Margaret remained competitive, Jan’s last wood came in to narrowly take the 18th end. In the 19th end an excellent shot from Jan took the jack away from Margaret’s holding wood, giving her another shot and leaving Jan to complete the match with one further shot in the 20th end.

2 Bowl Mixed Rinks Semi-Final (1): Josh Finch, Jason Finch & Paula Gooch v Lesley Dyer, Nigel Roberts & Peter Hurren (substituting for Kim Dyer)

The first of the semi-finals was initially one-sided in favour of Josh Finch’s triple, but their opponents pushed back to within one shot by the 9th end. Renewed pressure by Josh’s side resulted in a lead of 12-9 at 14 ends. However, Peter Hurren’s triple responded well to a short jack in the 15th end, taking it further back close to the side of the rink. Subsequent shots from Josh’s side went off rink and Peter’s side took 4 shots. Level at 16 ends, the match had the closest of finishes in the 17th end when the winning shot was decided by a measure, resulting in a 14-13 win for Lesley, Nigel and Peter.

Ladies Pairs Final: Sue Saunders & Pauline Black v Margaret Thorpe and Jan Truin

The Ladies Pairs Final was well contested, with Margaret and Jan edging ahead as the game progressed. At 14 ends this pairing were 4 shots in the lead at 14-10. Sue and Pauline pulled back on the next two ends, to be just two shots down, but were only able to put one more shot on the board, eventually losing 17-13.

2 Bowl Mixed Rinks Semi-Final (2): Martin Rumball, Stuart Gaught & Lesley Alexander (substituting for Sandi Steed) v Mark Euston, Joe Sims and Amy Rowe

Initially Stuart Gaught’s triple pulled ahead and were up by 12-8 by the 14th end. However, Mark Euston’s side fought back well gaining two shots by the 16th end and three more by the close of the match at the 18th end. The Borough of Eye team progressed to the final with a 14-12 win.

Mixed Pairs Semi-Final (1): Andrew Pulford & Shirley Plummer v Sandi Steed & Martin Rumball

The first semi-final was played on Friday 3rd March because Martin Rumball had qualified to play in all four Saturday sessions. Martin and Sandi were on excellent form and won 22-12.

Mixed Pairs Semi-Final (2): Josh Finch & Paula Gooch v Phil Smith & Sally Smith

The early ends of the second semi-final were closely contested, with the Smiths ahead until the fifth end. However, Josh Finch played strongly as lead and the next six ends went to his pair, putting them ahead by 10 shots to 3. Josh and Paula finished the game 21-12 ahead.

Sunday 5th March

Ladies Singles Final: Sue Bryenton-Rochard v Margaret Thorpe

Play was initially even until Sue scored a three in end 6 to go 6-2 ahead. Sue continued to play strongly until the 9th end (10-2), but in end 10 a close three-way measure added 2 shots to Margaret’s score. Tension crept into Sue’s game and she went down a one and then a three in the next two ends. Still ahead, 10-8, in end 13, Sue responded well to a close shot by Margaret and pulled just inside it to take a one. After 16 ends Sue was ahead 14-9. The play that followed was nervy from both ladies, but Sue played an excellent 21st end, scoring 3 shots to go ahead 19-11. Margaret continued to apply pressure, but the final concluded in the 24th end, with a 21-12 win for Sue.

Ladies Triples: Amy Finch, Pauline Wright & Janice Brackenbury v Paula Gooch, Margaret Thorpe & Lesley Alexander

The Ladies Triples final was characterised by excellent heads throughout, but Janice Brackenbury’s triple were in control after going well ahead in the early ends. The score was 15-1 against Lesley Alexander’s team before they got into the game, improving to 15-8 down in the 10th end. In the later ends Lesley’s triple continued to come back at their opponents, but the score at 19 ends was still in Janice’s favour, 21-15. The result was sealed when Janice’s last wood came in for shot and Paula, as skip, was unable to improve on it

2 Bowl Mixed Rinks Final: Mark Euston, Joe Sims & Amy Rowe v Lesley Dyer, Nigel Roberts & Peter Hurren

Although Joe Sims, as skip, killed the first end, his side struggled to settle and they were 0-5 after three ends. Slow progress saw them come into the game after the 10th end, when they gained seven shots in two ends, taking the lead 13-12 in the 12th end. The triples were level at 14 ends and the game continued to be very closely contested, closing with a win for Mark Euston, Joe Sims & Amy Rowe by 18 shots to 17.

Mixed Pairs Final: Sandi Steed & Martin Rumball v Josh Finch & Paula Gooch

The Mixed Pairs final was controlled from the start by Sandi Steed and Martin Rumball, who were 9-1 up by the 5th end. Josh Finch and Paula Gooch persisted with their efforts, but were often disappointed by narrowly lost heads and attacking shots which did not work in their favour. The match concluded at 18 ends with a 22-8 win to Sandi and Martin.

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Mixed Pairs, won by Sandi Steed and Martin Rumball

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Indoor Competitions Co-ordinator, Veronica Southey, calls out the competitors

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Ladies 4 Bowl Senior Singles Champion: Jan Truin

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2 Bowl Mixed Rinks Semi-Final 1. Last end tension

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Ladies Pairs completed. Pauline Black, Jan Truin, Margaret Thorpe and Sue Saunders

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Ladies Pairs Champions: Margaret Thorpe and Jan Truin

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Margaret Thorpe and Sue Bryenton-Rochard

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Ladies Singles: Margaret and Sue celebrate a well-played final

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Ladies Triples: Skips Janice Brackenbury and Lesley Alexander

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Ladies Triples: Amy Finch, Pauline Wright, Margaret Thorpe and Lesley Alexander

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Ladies Triples: Presentations to Amy Finch, Pauline Wright and Janice Brackenbury by President Jenny Ronchetti

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Ladies Triples Champions: Pauline Wright, Janice Brackenbury & Amy Finch

The Program for the 2022/23 Indoor Competitions

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The program for the joint men's and women's indoor semi-finals is available here.

Indoor Finals 2023

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Please Note that the National Indoor Finals will now be played at Lincoln Indoor Bowls Club, on Tuesday 25th to Sunday 30th of April, rather than in Newark.

SCWBA AGM 2022, Dennington Village Hall, IP13 8DD. Saturday 5th November at 10:00

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The Agenda for the 2022 AGM is available here.

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SCWBA Luncheon, Saturday 22nd October 2022, at Bramford Golf Centre and SCBA Annual Dinner and Prizegiving, Saturday 29th

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A delicious and sociable meal was shared at Bramford Golf Centre by around 90 SCWBA members and guests. We were presided over by the top table, comprising (l to r) Lesley Alexander accompanying EWBF President, Paula Gooch, Mike Ronchetti with SCWBA President Jenny Ronchetti and SCBA President Keith (Kipp) Crabbe, with Maureen Lummis.

Kipp Crabbe toasted the SCWBA and made a short speech referring to highlights of the year, especially that the Men’s Senior Pair had a win for Suffolk at the Skegness National Finals, as well as the memorable win by Rachelle Barber and Julie Witham in the Ladies Pairs.

Jenny Ronchetti responded, with a review of 2022, starting with the excellent indoor results for Margaret Thorpe, being the winner in all four events. Margaret was especially congratulated on reaching the semi-final of the Senior Ladies Singles in the National Indoor Finals at Newark. The highlight of a busy and successful outdoor season was Rachelle Barber and Julie Witham from Bramford BC winning the National Ladies Pairs. Jenny also expressed her particular satisfaction at the level of support for the Novice Singles, which had been sponsored by Mel Dyer’s family in her memory. The Novice competition was won by Margaret Elson (Wrentham), with Cherie Hyett (Norbridge BC) runner up. Linda Nunn, Ann Craigie and Jane Pitcher were thanked for their support during the year and Mike Ronchetti got a mention for putting up with Jenny. Our President concluded by re-presenting the National trophy to Rachelle and Julie, to great applause from the assembled bowlers.

Ann Craigie, SCWBA Acting President Elect presented Jenny with an orchid in a glass vase and proposed a toast to our guests. She was especially pleased to welcome Kipp and Paula. She paid tribute to the commitment of those who had extended their time in office to support the EBF.

We were then addressed by Paula Gooch who told us about travelling nearly three thousand miles during her year as National President with her sister, Lesley Alexander, at her side. Many clubs in the northern area had been visited as well as clubs more local to her home area. She gave her personal congratulations to Rachelle Barber and Julie Witham and thanked the SCWBA ladies for their support. Funds have been raised for her charities Norfolk Heart Trust and the Queen Elizabeth Hospice in Ipswich. Paula was particularly pleased that £392 had been raised for Cancer Research UK in memory of Mel Dyer. Paula was also presented with an orchid to mark the occasion.

The raffle was very well supported and raised £403.

Trophies and awards were presented to the County Competition winners and runners-up. Notably, Sue Deeves, winner of the 4 Wood Singles and Senior Singles, was also presented with her 100 games badge and it was pointed out that Di Miller and Christine Woollard were collecting the Senior Ladies Pairs trophy for the third time running. Ann Simpson collected the Victorix Ludorum trophy for Area C and the Ellen Matthews was also won by Area C. Finally, thanks were given to Jane Pitcher, the County Finals Co-ordinator and to Ann Craigie for organising the luncheon.

At the SCBA Annual Dinner and Presentations, also at Bramford Golf Centre, the following week, Paula Gooch and Jenny Ronchetti represented Women’s Federation bowls and the trophies were presented by National President, Trevor Hardingham. Shirley Plummer received trophies for the indoor Mixed Pairs and Mixed Rinks and also the outdoor Mixed Pairs. Liz Radford was successful in the Senior Mixed Pairs outdoors and Veronica Newsome, as part of her family trio, received the County 2-Bowl Mixed Rinks trophy.

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Ellen Matthews trophy winners Area C

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