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Suffolk County Womens Bowls Association

Area Finals 2019

Area A

Area B, Saturday 29th June, Framlingham Castle BC

Time Rink Event vs
09:30 4 4 Wood Singles J. Whitlock [OT] [Blue] M. Robinson [YOX] [Red]
09:30 2 Champion of Champions T. Saunders [BED] [Red] V. Pryke [WALD] [Blue]
09:30 5 3 Wood Triples C. Coleman, L. Nunn, A. Craigie [WALD] [Red] B. Cooper, D. Spooner, E. Herrieven [YOX] [Green]
11:30 2 Pairs P. Poulter, L de vere Packford [PS] [Red] P. Llewellyn, J. Whitlock [OT] [Blue]
12:00 3 Senior Singles J. Moss [MEL] [Red] L. Pring [YOX] [Blue]
12:30 4 Under 25's Singles M. Smith [WALD] [Blue] E. Herrieven [YOX] [Green]
14:00 3 2 Wood Triples J. Handley, P. Llewellyn, J. Whitlock [OT] [Blue] C. Coleman, A. Craigie, L. Nunn [WALD] [Red]
14:30 2 2 Wood Singles M. Robinson [YOX] [Red] E. Felgate [DEN] [Blue]
14:30 4 Senior Pairs V. Sheppard, M. Page [WOOD] [Blue] K. Ansell, R. Gyford [FRES] [Red]
18:30 Friday 28th
5 Secretaries Singles J. Whitlock [OT] [Blue] M. Robinson [YOX] [Red]

Area C, Sunday 30th June, Bramford BC

Time Rink Event vs
09:30 3 Under 25's Singles H. Brooks [Cali] E. Last [Marl]
09:30 2 Pairs S. Hender, E. Euston [Norb] L. Ratcliffe, M. Saunders [Bram]
10:30 4 4 Wood Singles D. Fane [West] A. Dickinson [Bran]
11:30 5 Secretaries Singles S. Hender [Norb] C. Woolard [Had]
13:00 2 2 Wood Singles A. Dickinson [Bran] M. Brooks [Cali]
13:00 4 Senior Singles J. Halsall [Bran] S. Hender [Norb]
14:00 3 Senior Pairs D. Miller, C. Woollard [Had] C. Cathles, V. Baker [M/Cat]
15:30 5 Champion of Champions A. Dickinson [Bran] E. Roberts [G/Val]
15:30 3 3 Wood Rinks S. Hender, E. Euston, J. Curl [Norb] A. Thraine, L. Ratcliffe, M. Saunders [Bram]
Thursday 27th June
5 2 Wood Rinks D. Allum, P. Noble, A, Baxter-Smith [Cali] A. Simpson, S. Hender, E. Euston [Norb]

Area D, Sunday 30th June, St Botolph's Bowls Club

Time Rink Event vs
10:00 2 4 Wood Singles S. Sargeant [St Botolph's] [Blue] A. Mondon [Old Newton] [Red] 17 - 21
10:00 3 2 Wood Singles S. Kemp [Thorndon] [Blue] S. Deeves [Old Newton] [Red] 21 - 13
10:00 5 3 Wood Triples K. Moss, C. Gordon, M.Grant [Tuddenham] [Blue] C. Kelly, B. Gynn, J. Truin [Woodfield] [Red] 20 - 29
11:45 4 Senior Pairs P. Jennings, A. Lilley [Ixworth] [Blue] J. Bugg, S. Deeves [Old Newton] [Red] 16 - 18
12:45 2 Pairs C. Kelly, J. Truin [Woodfields] [Red] S. Plummer, A. Baison [Rookery] [Yellow] 9 - 17
13:45 5 Senior Singles S. Sargeant [St Botolph's] [Blue] S. Deeves [Old Newton] [Red] 21 - 17
15:00 1 2 Wood Triples S. Smith, M. Sargent, H. Oliver [Ixworth] [Blue] S. Plummer, J. Lambert, A. Baison [Rookery] [Yellow] 6 - 26
15:00 3 Champion of Champions A. Lilley [Ixworth] [Blue] J. Adams [Thornham Magna] [Yellow] 21 - 6
15:45 2 Secretaries Singles C. Gordon [Tuddenham] [Blue] S. Deeves [Old Newton] [Red] 21 - 17
14:00 Thursday 27th June
Under 25's Singles E. Jessup [Thorndon] C. Webb [Walsham le Willows] 18 - 21